Goals and Objectives of CRDS

CRDS seeks to assist the government agencies, non-government organizations and private sector entrepreneurs to foster their efforts for bringing better socio-economic changes and development home and aboard.
Major objectives are to:
  • To emerge and act as supportive consulting service providing organization and meet up and live up to expectation of the donors, government and non-government agencies by providing technical support.
  • To act as platform of the professionals to enable them to offer their technical services;
  • To provide appropriate and need based support to government and development partners;
  • To act as a research organization in the field of agriculture, environment and in a wide variety of socio-economic field;
  • To assist in planning and policy formulation by undertaking specific research for the government and development partners;
  • To provide a platform for the young researchers to learn and educate themselves in an consultancy and research environment;
  • To assist the public and private sector organizations in decision-making process and to help them achieving the best output through in-depth studies;
  • To provide information and necessary support services to public and private sector organizations for undertaking baseline, monitoring and pre & post evaluation studies;
  • To act as a training providing organization in trade & commerce, good governance, agriculture and pertinent fields;
  • To organize workshops, seminars, conferences in order to disseminate research findings and share ideas.
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