Physical Facilities of CRDS

CRDS has necessary physical facilities and logistical support to enable it to complete its projects efficiently on time. It is located at the heart of the Dhaka City. The office is staffed with experienced Professionals of different disciplines, Skilled Office Manager and Support staffs. Through this office, it is possible to provide full back-up support to any project. CRDS is equipped with modern office equipment and communication facilities including Office accommodation, Computers, Broad Band Internet Connection, Printers (Laser & DeskJet), Audio-visual facilities, Projector, Telephone and Fax, Library, Drawing and drafting equipment, Vehicles, Photocopying, Printing and Binding equipment.

CRDS is in a position to provide all required support to the projects and mobilize the staff and equipment quickly for effective commencement of work. CRDS maintains various in-house facilities to improve the level of expertise of its technical and management professionals.

13C/8C Babar Road (Gr. Floor), Block-B, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh,
(2200 square feet).This office space is used to accommodate administrative, consultants, technical and software developer in addition to a number of project & related official staff. The office has adequate air conditioning, have appropriate power, water, toilet facilities and office furniture under proper security with. Additionally, separate project offices are rented as need arises.

CRDS is equipped with the following office furniture and equipments. In addition to the computer facilities described separately.

Computer Table Wooden 13
Conference Table Wooden 2
Bookshelves Wooden 6
Reporting Table Wooden 3
Chairs Wooden & Metallic 42
Modem Prolink 56kbps External Fax/Modem/Voice Card 1
Internet (E-mail), 2
Telephone lines ISD/NWD 2
PABX (16 lines) Panasonic 1
Mobile Line GSM Service 8
Photocopier Machine Cannon 2
Overhead Projector Sony 1
Multimedia Projector Sony 1
Spiral Binding Machine 1
 Field Equipment
Total Station (Topcon) with Data Logger 1
Reflectors & accessories 1
Reflectors (3-Prism) and Accessories 2
Leveling Instruments 2
Prismatic Compass 4
Magnetic Compass 10
Measuring Chain with pins 15
Steel tape 6
Ranging Poles 24
Thermometer 2
pH meter 2
Noise meter 1
Water sample carrying Ice box with Ice cube 1
Soil sampling augur 2
Drawing & Drafting Equipment
Pantograph 3
Lettering Set 6
Radiograph pen 12
Instrument Box 6
Drawing Table 6
Light Table 1
Road Curve 4
Templates 10
Center for Resource Development Studies Ltd (CRDS) also functions as a training providing agency. CRDS maintains a fully equipped training room with state of hardware and software facilities. The training room is capable to provide specialized services on any kind of Training.
CRDS has an efficient LAN system with Windows NT Server with IBM Compatible computers. Electronic Data Processing (EDP) and Word Processing are the most common phenomena in this era of technological development. CRDS has the expertise of offering computer software services.
Computer Section of CRDS has been set-up to enhance its present capability of offering all sorts of software and hardware services. The major activities of the Computer section encompass the following:
  • System study,
  • Consulting services,
  • Software Development,
  • Architectural and AutoCAD Design
  • Data Processing,
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • GIS and MIS,
  • Project Monitoring System Design.
CRDS computer division is able to provide all sorts of computer services and solutions to any project including engineering disciplines, economic analysis, project management and monitoring etc. It has at its disposal adequate number of high capacity desk top and laptop equipment. It has necessary software on data management, programming, statistical analysis and graphics & drawings
CRDS maintains a Library, which has a rich collection of various reports, books, periodical and journals to help its professionals to be in touch with the latest technological and academic progress in the relevant discipline.

To monitor & supervise the project activities and to maintain a proper communication with concerned official one private car, one microbus and two motorcycles are associated with the

Vehicle (4WD)

Car (Saloon)


Motor Bikes

1 Nos.

1 Nos.

1 Nos.

2 Nos.

CRDS is ready to provide all required administrative support services including various computer consumable, office stationeries, communication and postage, report printing and reproduction, materials, etc. CRDS takes intensive care to ensure quality of the services. CRDS always deploy a Quality Control Manager for each Project.
Other than the facilities mentioned above, CRDS also provides the facilities as mention below:
  • Fully furnished seminar / conference room
  • Facilitator/Moderator/Reporting/Attendant services
  • Complete range of state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment
  • Instant access to worldwide media through its broadband connections
  • Refreshment /Transport etc and
  • Guests/participants accommodation can arrange on request.
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